Research Projects

Some recent thesis from the lab


Selected projects:


I.             TigerAware

·         Paper: An Innovative Mobile Survey and Sensor Data Collection and Analytics System

·         Joint project with faculty from the Psychology Department

·         Tasks: mobile, web, and server software development

·         People: Connor, Luke, Patrik, Siyang, Weiliang, Josh, Mohan, Olivia


II.          Audio speech analysis

·         Paper: Toward Predicting Communication Effectiveness

·         Joint project with faculty from the Business School

·         Tasks: Audio/voice/text processing, machine learning, sentiment analysis

·         People:  Kolton, Zhengyu, Wenbo


III.       Intelligent personal assistant

·         Paper: Development and evaluation of a healthy coping voice interface application using the Google home for elderly patients with type 2 diabetes

·         Joint project with faculty from the Medical School

·         Tasks: Google Home programming, Chat-bot, AI

·         People: Patrik, Charles


IV.       Object recognition using deep learning

·         Paper: Performance Comparison of Deep Learning Techniques for Recognizing Birds in Aerial Images

·         Joint project with Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC)

·         Tasks: image processing, deep learning

·         People: Peng, Yang, Guang


V.             Protein structure prediction using deep learning

·         Paper: MUFOLD-SS: New Deep Inception-Inside-Inception Networks for Protein Secondary Structure Prediction, New Deep Learning Methods for Protein Loop Modeling

·         Tasks: protein secondary and tertiary structure prediction, protein model quality assessment, protein model refinement, deep learning

·         People: Zhaoyu, Junlin, Wenbo Wang, Jeff



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