Research Projects

Some recent thesis from the lab


Selected projects:


I.    TigerAware/MoodToolkit

·         Joint project with Prof. Tim Trull from the Psychology Department

·         mobile, web, and server software development

·         People: Will, Jayanth, Luke, Gaofei, Patrik, Nishant, Nick, Connor, Siyang, Weiliang


II.  Communicating to Engage: Modeling Voice Data with Machine Learning Algorithms

·         Joint project with Prof. Detelina Marinova from the Business School

·         Audio/voice sentiment analysis

·         People: Zeshan, Peng, Nick, Zhihao Zhang, Zhengyu Li, Moesaeah King, Yingda Liu


III.Healthy Coping in Diabetes (Using Google Home)

·         Joint project with Prof. Min Soon Kim from the Medical School

·         People: Jayanth, Patrik, Jack


IV.  Bird recognition and counting from aerial images

·         Joint project with Joel Sartwell from the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC)

·         People: Peng, Max, Yang, Nick


V.     Fish type recognition and length estimation from images

·         Joint project with Joel Sartwell from the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC)

·         People: Guang, Peng, Nick, Fuming


VI.   Patient health record data mining

·         Joint project with Dr. Abu Mosa from the Medical School

·         People: Jayanth, Ramya


VII.  Automatic floor plan recognition from images

·         Joint project with Dr. Steven Wang from Measure Square, Inc. in Pasadena, CA.

·         People: Yini, Guang


VIII. Protein secondary and tertiary structure prediction using deep learning

·         Joint project with Dr. Dong Xu from EECS.

·         People: Chao Fang, Zhaoyu Li, Junlin Wang, Wenbo Wang


Some previous projects:


·        Collaboration with Missouri Department of Conservation

*      Black Bear Website (

*      Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Surveys

*      Bow Hunting App

*      A Generic Survey App

*      Creel App

*      Animal trajectories modeling and analysis (Related work)

·        Ambulatory assessment algorithms and systems for physiological studies

*      Wearable physiological data and survey data collection and data analysis for alcohol craving study

*      Emotions dysregulation data collection and analysis

*      HIV/EMA study data collection and analysis

*      Pain medication study 

*      Mood ToolKit

*      TigerAware



*      How to read research papers (slides)

*      The Slide-Structure of a Technical 20-min Presentation 

*      How to give a good talk

*      How to write a good technical article