Research Projects

·       Collaboration with Missouri Department of Conservation

*      Black Bear Website (

*      Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Surveys

*      Bow Hunting App

*      A Generic Survey App

*      Creel App

*      Animal trajectories modeling and analysis (Related work)

·       Ambulatory assessment algorithms and systems for physiological studies

*      Wearable physiological data and survey data collection and data analysis for alcohol craving study

*      Emotions dysregulation data collection and analysis

*      HIV/EMA study data collection and analysis

*      Pain medication study  

*      Mood ToolKit

*      TigerAware


·       3-D Protein Structure Prediction

*      MUFOLD server prediction development, innovative machine learning and statistical algorithms

*      MUFOLD_QA model qualify assessment

*      Model refinement

*      CASP competition


·       Past Presentations

1.        Simiao, “Inferring human activities from GPS tracks” (paper)

2.      Haidong, “Extracting stay regions with uncertain boundaries from GPS trajectories a case study in animal ecology” (paper)

3.       Zeshan, “Big Graph Mining: Algorithms and Discoveries” (paper)

4.      Peng, “Identifying Drug (Cocaine) Intake Events from Acute Physiological Response in the Presence of Free-living Physical Activity” (paper)

5.      Chen, “Analyzing Tourism Information on Twitter for a Local City” (paper)

6.      Nishant, “The Future of Mobile E-Health Application Development,” (paper)

7.      Nick, “Continuous inference of psychological stress from sensory measurements collected in the natural environment,” (paper)

8.      Yinjian, “Are we there yet?: feasibility of continuous stress assessment via wireless physiological sensors,” (paper)

9.      Can, “Detecting Cocaine Use with Wearable Electrocardiogram Sensors,” (paper)

Some related papers:

·         “Background for Real-Time Monitoring and Intervention Related to Alcohol Use”,

·         “Real Challenges in Mobile App Development”, (paper)

·         “Continuous in-the-field measurement of heart rate: Correlates of drug use, craving, stress, and mood in polydrug users,”

·         “Towards personal stress informatics: comparing minimally invasive techniques for measuring daily stress in the wild,”

·         cStress: towards a gold standard for continuous stress assessment in the mobile environment,”

·         “Cluster-Based Analysis for Personalized Stress Evaluation Using Physiological Signals,”

·         “Trends in Mobile Cyber-Physical Systems for health Just-in time interventions,”



*      How to read research papers (slides)

*      The Slide-Structure of a Technical 20-min Presentation 

*      How to give a good talk

*      How to write a good technical article