*      May 2018. Congratulations to Fuming Xiang, Jayanth Kanugo, Gaofei Zhao, Chao Fang, William Morrison, Weiliang Xia, Chalermpon Thongmotai, Moesaeah King, and Miranda Reese for graduation!

*      March 2018. Congratulations to Luke Guerdan, Will Morrison, and Jayanth Kanugo for receiving 2017 College of Engineering Outstanding Junior, Senior, and Master Student Award!

*      January 2018. Congratulations to Nick Wergeles for starting Streamline Technology Company.

*      Dec. 2017. Congratulations to Nishant Chettri and Zeshan Peng for graduation!

*      July 2017. Congratulations to Son Nguyen and Avery Wells for graduation!

*      July-August 2017: Congratulations to the success of the 4th Big Data Summer Program with nearly 80 participants. See a news story here. See a video here.

*      May-August 2017, NSF REU Undergraduate Research Experience

*      May 2017. Congratulations to Dheeraj Srivatsav, Ming Du, and Can Li for graduation!

*      April 2017. Congratulations to Guang Chen and Peng Sun for ranked at 16th out of 2293 teams (top 0.7%) in the 2017 world-wide Kaggle competition of The Nature Conservancy Fisheries Monitoring ( and becoming top experts in deep learning!

*      April 2017. Congratulations to Will Morrison for receiving 2017 MU Award of Excellence in Undergraduate Research, Honorable Mention!

*      March 2017. Congratulations to Wenbo Wang for receiving 2017 College of Engineering Outstanding Student Award!

*      Feb. 2017. Congratulations to the TigerAware team for receiving an Interdisciplinary Innovations Fund 2016/2017 Award to support TigerAware: Efficient Mobile-App Customization, Integrative Survey and Ambulatory Data Collection, and Deep Data Analytics for Data-Driven Campus Climate Study project!

*      Dec. 2016. Congratulations to Nick Wergeles, Wenbo Wang, Haidong Wang, Evan Schaffer for graduation; Nick Wergeles becoming an MU CS/IT instructor; Evan Schaffer joining Microsoft; Will Morrison getting a summer internship with Google!

*      Dec. 2016. Congratulations to Wenbo Wang for developing two innovative methods (MUfoldQA_C and MUfoldQA_S) that ranked No. 1 in two separate protein model qualify assessment competition tasks in the bi-annual world-wide protein structure prediction competition, Critical Assessment of Techniques for Protein Structure Prediction (CASP), in 2016!


*      July 2016. Congratulations to the Mood Toolkit team (Will Morrison, Nick Wergeles, Peng Sun, Zeshan Peng, Luke Guerdan, Dr. Tim Trull, and Dr. Yi Shang) for a top-five finish in the national Mood Challenge competition, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

*      July 2016, the 3rd Big Data Summer Program. A video created by the Hong Kong students.

*      May-August 2016, NSF REU Undergraduate Research Experience

*      May 2016. Congratulations to Chen Zhang, Torre Fernando, Elyas Yilihamujian, and Simiao Sun for graduation!

*      March 2016. Congratulations to Nick Wergeles for receiving 2016 College of Engineering Outstanding Student Award.

*      Dec. 2015. Congratulations to the mobile app dev team (Nick Wergeles, Zeshan Peng, Haidong Wang, Nishan Chettri, Will Morrison, Simiao Sun, Guang Chen, Chen Zhang, Mingqin Tan, Bing Wang) for successfully developed and deployed multiple mobile apps over the past two years for Missouri Department of Conservation.

*      July 2015, the 2nd Big Data Summer Program


*      May-August 2015, NSF REU Undergraduate Research Experience


*      May 2015. Congratulations to Ruiqi Shi, Junlin Wang, and Manav Singhal for graduation!

*      Dec. 2014. Congratulations to Rui Wu, Caiwei Wang, Zhaoyu Li, Haidong Wang, and Zeshan Peng for graduation!

*      May-August 2014, NSF REU Undergraduate Research Experience

*      July 2014, the first Big Data Summer Program


*      May 2014. Congratulations to Sean Lander, Bo Cai, and Xiaotian Wang for graduation!


*       April 2014, Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievements Forum



*      April 2014, Mizzou Adventures in Education



*      March 2014, Engineering Week -- lab exhibit and Professor-for-a-day

As visitors said: the best exhibit!

*      Dec. 2013. Congratulations to Dan Wang, Yan Chen, Sandeep Ravi, and Chao Fang for graduation!